Who She Is
Yoko and two roses Yoko is as beautiful as the sunshine, but she still has more in her than a Japanese doll or an exotic card image. Her first album was published on 24 September 1970, and from the first moment everybody knew that Yoko was different from all the other female cartoon characters. Yoko was a human being of flesh and feelings at a time when when women in comics where somewhat caricatured. Yoko was the beginning of a new evolution, because there had never been a woman that was not only very beautiful, but also intelligent.

Yoko Yoko was born on a Japanese island. But she's still more European than Asian, because her life is led on the European continent. Yoko only returns to her birthplace when she really has to. Yoko combines Chinese poetry with Japanese efficiency. But even though she travels through time and space, Yoko still remains a human with feelings: hooked between two cultures, searching for her roots, doubting herself, but with an unfailing trust in all creatures. In spite of being Japanese, Yoko has a Chinese cousin. This fact came about because in the distant past, Yoko's grandfather had bought a slave in Hong Kong for his mother. In that period of time it was a normal thing to do. The Chinese girl was pretty and sweet ... he fell in love with her and they got married. So that's why there is Chinese blood flowing through Yoko's veins.

Yoko pilot Yoko is an electrical engineer. She came to Europe to do some research and she lives through part-time jobs, in expectation of a full-time job. Ben/Vic and Paul/Pol hired her to assist them with a series about speleology and were immediately impressed by her personality - all because of her mystic smile and her undaunted character. "The trio of the unknown" is borned. top


Yoko parachute She has so many capabilities: she's great at Aikido, she's a pilot and can fly a helicopter as well as a Gazelle, Jet Ranger and her Ecureuil. But it doesn't stop there. She can also do archery, parachute jumping, delta flying, ...

Fighting Crime
Yoko As an electrical engineer, Yoko meets new kinds of criminals. Besides being a world traveller, Yoko is also a detective who tries to solve problems caused by ultra-modern technological inventions, which threaten people or even whole nations. The dangers are very real when the power of science is used as an instrument for profit or as an instrument for personal ambition. Artificially created typhoons, cannons with an unprecedented fire power, places with strange creatures, vanishing chambers... it all stimulates the criminals' greed. "I don't want to be so negative about science", explains Roger Leloup. "I just want to say that the wrong people can use this knowledge to their own benefit. Those inventions should be used for people's welfare and not to destroy them." Even though Yoko uses all her energy and knowledge to prohibit criminals bringing sorrow, Yoko still shows her opponents respect. And she doesn't hide her emotions when some of them die, carried away by their own insanity. "I'm self-contained, even misanthope. Being an only child, I'm very attached to relationships with others, probably in reaction to childhood solitude. So I want Yoko also to be surrounded with interesting people. Respect of the opponent is part of her culture. Through the human values that highlight for some of her ennemis, I try to emphasise Yoko's own values."top

Learning Japanese
Japanese Japanese uses the most complicated script still in existence in the world. The basis of this script are the Chinese characters, which came some 1400 years ago via Korea to Japan. The signs are so complicated that you should need to take a dictionary in hand.
Certain sentences and words are easier to learn and to pronounce as follows.
Japanese has 5 vowels which appear short as well as long:
a as in dag
aa as in graag
e as in weg
ee as in heet
ie as in niet
ieie (this vowel is the same as the ie, but doubled in length)
o as in bot
oo as in boot
oe (this vowel sounds a bit softer as in Dutch)
oeoe (this vowel is the same as the oe, but doubled in length)
au as in pause (not used much)

Japanese has 17 consonants b, ch, d, f, g, h, j, k, m, n, ng, p, r, s, t, w, z.
Most of them are the same as in Dutch. Below are some exceptions to the Dutch pronounciation:
ch as in German ich
g as in the english goal
ng as in ring (this vowel is always preceded by a hyphen to indicate the sound top


How are you? ogenkie des-ka?
Fine, thank you, and you? haj, genkie des, anata-wa?
Excellent oka-ngesama-de
Not too well/I'm fine maa-maa des
Bye, see you saj(o)nara
Have fun tano-sjiende koedasaj
Sorry soemiemasen
I didn't do it on purpose wazato jatta wake dewa naj-node,
That's OK ieie des-jo
I'm Belgian wata-sjie-wa beroegieie-djien des
Do you speak English? ee-ngo-wa hanasemas-ka?
I understand wakariemasj-ta
I don't understand tsjotto wakariemasen-ngaa...
I am/My name is... wata-sjie-wa ... des
What's your name? onama-e-wa?
Where are you from? okoenie-wa doko des-ka?
I'm from Belgium beroegieie des
How old are you? sj-tsoeree des-nga, nansaj des-ka?
I am ... years old ...saj des
Congratulations on your birthday otan-djoobie omedetoo gozaj-mas
Do you have any plans for tonight? moo komban nanieka kiemeta-no?
Yes, that's fine ieie-ne
No (thanks) kekkoo
Maybe later taboen kondo
Can I have your address? anata-no djuu-sjo-o o-sjie-ete
You are beautiful kieree da-jo
Thank you for everything ieroj-ro arie-ngatoo gozaj-masj-ta
Can I write you? te-ngamie-o kaj-te mo ieie des-ka?
It has been fun totemo tanosj-katta des
Say hello to... ... san-nie jorosj-koe
Hello, this is... mosj mosjie, ... des
Who am I talking to? donata des-ka?
Help tas-kete
Stop tomare
Last name mjoo-djiie
Address djoeoe-sjo
Belgium beroegieie
Identity card mieboen sjoomee-sjo
Age nenree
Nationality kokoesekie
Yes hai
No ieie-e
(Girl-)friend tomoda-tjie