Here is an image map of all the characters Sin Yi Familie Ingrid Myna Vineanen Vineanen Rosée/Roosje Monya Vineanen Vrienden Yoko Vrienden Mieke Emilia
In Yoko Tsuno's albums, there are no side characters. Sharing her adventures in Space - where one can find one of the richest and most credible sci-fi univers - and our good old planet Earth, Yoko allows us to discover a universe where where friendship never hollow and where everything is so human, that even a robot, not programmed for such, does show emotions. Along the time, Yoko has been joined by very prominent figures. All, in their ways, have brought something to Yoko. A kind of familiy was created. "With the side characters I have the impression of entering a different story. They set the mood." says Roger Leloup