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Interview of Roger Leloup by Ilse

A fresco in Verviers.


Album 29,
Angels and falcons
will be published on 27th of September (and 4th of October for the grand format).
It has been prepublished in Spirou from July the 10th til August the 28th.

A 30th album ?
In Spirou no 4239:
"In her next adventure, Yoko will face a dilemma. She who tends to humanise android robots will face robotised humains, which is not the same!"

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Most recent book

28. The temple of immortals

"Le temple des immortels" ends a trilogy with "The servante of Lucifer" and "Khâny's secret".
There is some music, androids, some dragon, a threatening goddess, a teenager (or two), Vineans...

Le temple des immortels


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