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     the publisher of Yoko (French and Dutch)


     the publisher of Yoko in English

A few blogs (in French) to keep up with Yoko's news! Check them now! (use your favourite translation site if you don't understand French)
Les billets de Yoko Tsuno

Bavardages et petits secrets

Album Yoko Tsuno 29

Album Yoko Tsuno 28

Album Yoko Tsuno 27

Les Esquisses
                de Yoko Tsuno

Les billets d'Emilia
see also Les infos d'Emilia


                billets d'Ingrid

Les musiques

Les reves
                bleus d'Angela

                cachotteries de Molly

L'�me de

Other Roger Leloup blogs
TYO, Le Pic des Ten�bres

TYO, Le signe
                de Kadha

                Carreidas 160 JetThe Carreidas 160 Jet

Other sites about Yoko Tsuno
Yoko's official site (in French)
A wondeful site about Yoko, check its forum (in French)
A site of a passionate (in French)
Finnish site with plenty of details and crossreferences
Wikipedia's page for Yoko
Notes on the Dutch translation of Yoko's books as well as The Yoko Tsuno File (information about her name, familie, place of birth,...) by Dick Grune
Yoko Tsuno's thread on the ex TV channel Nolife's forum (French) (from
Page about "On the Edge of Life" (in French)
German site
Books reviews in German, including The Celestial Junk, The Pagoda of the Mists, The Seventh Code, Integral 1&2
Swiss site in German, mention a project of anim� on Yoko
Page that lists errors in Yoko's books (in English)
Spanish site about Yoko (Yoko), (Monya)
Excellent articles by S�bastien Andrivet (in English)
Site that lists Yoko's clothing (in French)
Articles on Yoko in actusf (in French)

Other publishers
Books list at Cinebook
Egmont Kustannus, the publisher in Finnish of Yoko
Books list at Calsen, the publisher in German of Yoko
Cobolt, the publisher in Danish of Yoko

Former publishers
ReNoir Comics, in Italian
Ponent Mon, in Spanish