Le pic des ténèbres
L'écume de l'aube
L'écume de l'aube 2
Roger Leloup
Comic Books
01. Trio in the unknown
02. The Infernal Organ
03. Vulcan's Forge
04. Electronic Adventures
05. Message for Eternity
06. The 3 Suns of Vinea
07. On the Edge of Life
08. The Titans
09. Daughter of the Wind
10. The Light of Ixo
11. The Time Spiral
12. Prey and Shadow
13. The Archangels of Vinea
14. The Lightning of Wotan
15. The Cannon of Kra
16. The Hong Kong Dragon
17. The Dancer from Bali
18. The Kifa Exiles
19. The Rheingold Express
20. The Astrologer from Bruges
21. The Gate of Souls
22. The Celestial Junk
23. The Pagoda of the Mists
24. The Seventh Code
25. The servant of Lucifer
26. The curse of the amethyst
27. Khâny's secret
28. The temple of immortals
29. The angel and the falcon (non final title, "second part being finalised")
Complete work
T1: From Earth to Vinea
T2: German Adventures
T3: Chasing the Time
T4: Vinea at risk
T5: Under the Chinese sky
T6: Robots from here and there
T7: Dark conspiracies
T8: Threats to Earth
T9: Secrets and hexes